Sooner than people think, sooner than I expect, death will visit me and people will start calling each other, texting each other about my death. And my name or pictures will be running across social media platforms with different types of prayers.

And most certainly people will start to ask how I lived my life, those who knew me will tell my lifestyle and even those who didn’t know me will also do their part and others will refer people to my social media handles to go and check out my posts. Some people will regret for the advises or apologize they wanted to offer me and I will also regret for those I offended and I didn’t ask for forgiveness before death took me.

We write these things not because we want to scare others or to call death upon ourselves but we write them just to represent the realities of the society, don’t forget that as you go through others social media after hearing their deaths, so shall others do to you too. how people judge you when you are dead and they visited your social media platforms and see the things you share…….. I don’t want to die…….

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