Sometimes in life, when people realize that there is the need for them to change from their ways, be it positive or negative, they tend to become happy with their changed life and detest the regretted life they use to live in the past. As a result, they open up to people by confessing to them what they did in the past and what has led them to the present life that they are living. It may be about the good or bad things they use to do, a person they were so close to or how they acquired or loss a job or the struggles they went through in life.

All these zeros down to them confessing about their own lives. In some cases, some confessions may be true or not , but what is more important is the lesson we learn from these confessions that people make. This alone is enough to serve as a word of caution to both the person and to those listening . Personally, I benefit a lot when people tell me about their experiences and I believe any other person who listen to the life experiences of others gets some benefits from them. What we are left to do is to apply the lessons learnt from these confessions and let it be a guide to our way of life, preventing us from repeating similar mistakes. Not only does it prevent one from repeating mistakes , but also give hope to people who see life from a positive perspective and to those who are at the verge of giving up on life.

Moreover , looking at confessions from these generation of ours ,we do hear of the stories of people such as Ben Carson , Dangote , Bill Gate , Opera Winfrey and a whole lot of people. Listening to their story gives us hope and motivation to work hard in order to achieve our goals in life and all these stories come from their confession about their own life in one way or the other . I will advice that , we take heed to confessions made by people , because it may serve as a guide for us in our life or even a break through in another person’s life .

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