“Whatever is going to happen will happen, whether we worry or not” by Ana Monnar. Why do I worry? This is a question I always ask myself, whenever something borders my mind. As human beings as we are, it is normal to worry about something you’re not certain of or a problem that you are not certain of the solution, so I say worrying is part of man’s life not but as for too much worrying it is an option we can always forgo *BUT* does worry has to become part of ones life? The answer is definitely NO! because too much worrying can lead to anxiety which can also lead to depression or suicide.

To me personally, worrying in itself isn’t a bad thing as we always see it because it has positive and negative effects just like how most things do have. When we fear or need something badly we tend to always think and worry much about it, As we keep thinking about it we are forced to find solutions to it be it a positive or negative. Looking at worry from a positive angle, I personally think worrying is the main source of easy way of life we are enjoying now. For instance, if walking for long distances was never bordered or worried anyone, vehicles wouldn’t have come into existence, if cutting substances with blunt object too wasn’t worrisome to people likewise sharp objects such as knife would never had come into existence. A whole lot of substances have been produced due to the worrisome nature of doing complicated things. On the contrary, looking at worry from a negative angle, excessive worry disturbs our peace of mind making it harder for us to concentrate on one task at a time and which may definitely lead to less productivity in all angles. We sometimes worry about things that are not relevant or necessary but due to our weak and lustful desires we tend to brood over it until we get a solution to it by all means even if it involves all the wrongful acts of life.
Therefore, I would say worrying is a double edge sword. It’s good in one way and at the same time bad in the other way. What we need to do is to know when and what to worry about .

As it is said too much of everything is bad, hence let us identify what is worth worrying about, so that we can get solutions to it as soon as possible and avoid what we don’t need to waste our energy and time on, whatever is not necessary should not be worth worrying about, worrying in itself is part and parcel of our lives but worrying too much about something is rather an option, we either decide to OR not……
Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim…
Social commentator….

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