Yes, treating patients should not be the only concern about hospitals but at least that should be their main preoccupation. Every hospital should be a comfortable place to protect the safety of patients, visitors, and staff. Hospitals are seen as life saving places as we all know. Whenever you are being threatened by a disease or involved in an accident, we rush to the nearest hospital for treatment. So these hospitals under normal circumstances has to be that which patients have to feel comfortable and not threatened. The picture above shows the Tamale West Hospital in the Northern regional capital owned by government. I was sad by seeing these heavy cracks on the OPD where most patients, visitors and caretakers are welcomed. These cracks on the walls of the Tamale West Hospital OPD are life threatening to the health workers, visitors, caretakers as well as the patients that come to seek medical attention . The health workers at this hospital are having the hope that these cracks on their walls will not one day collapse on them and their patients. It’s not that the patients and the health workers don’t recognize these cracks, they do. In fact, they are even worried more than me because I am just seeing it for the first time but they’ve been living in the facility. In an attempt to talk to a patient who was leaving the hospital about these huge cracks, she told me ; she prefers to die of her unknown disease rather than to see these huge cracks on the building while still sitting under for it to collapse on her and I definitely agree with her because its more dangerous to sit or lie under these cracks for the health workers to treat you. I appreciate the effort of the health workers sitting under those cracks while still treating patients. Even though I have some little issues with them, yes it is true that your main duty is to attend to patients but not when you the worker’s life is threatened. Please Ministry of Health , kindly come to the aid of Tamale West Hospital. Mayor of Tamale Metropolis, Hon. Musah Superior, West Hospital needs your support urgently. I personally will not advice patients to go there for treatment under those life threatening conditions of the buildings especially their OPD. It may be possible that the Authorities in charge of maintenance is not aware of these cracks even though that seems unpopular but let’s agree they are not aware of it. Please let’s share this post as far as possible for them to see it and come to the aid of the health workers and the patients as well in the Tamale West Hospital for a comfort and smooth treatment of patients……

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