THE GRADUATES AND THE LITTLE BOY……. Please look at the picture……

This is a picture showing two worlds, one side is students jubilating after writing their final University exams and the other side is, a little boy resting after gathering some few plastic bottles to go and sell. My interest will not be much on those students who are rejoicing and jubilating but rather the little boy resting at the down corner of the picture. Those that are jubilating are not doing so because there are leaving hells to heaven neither are there doing so because there are moving from slavery to freedom but there are doing so because every journey that you start will actually have an end point and they have been able to reach one part of their journey successfully and they feels success is coming very soon.

Those that are in white jubilating and celebrating are those who have written their last examination papers on the university campus, which suggest to them that they are almost done. Some of them left their comfortable homes and luxurious mansions, their families and love ones just to come and spend four years at the university, so when they feel everything is coming to an end ,they feel happy and some of them too were happy because they were going to get jobs and get pays. Now let me come to my interest, which is about the little boy resting on the corner of the picture. The case of the small boy and some of those who are jubilating are similar in the sense that, the small boy is resting so that he can regain some energy to continue searching for the plastic bottles, the boy has gathered some few bottles that can give him some small money to survive him for one or two days but he thought, that is not enough for him to be jubilating, so he decided to rest and continue searching for the plastic bottles. Just like the graduates that are jubilating, you people have also gathered some few papers called certificates that can only survive you in one or two days ironically. This is because most of you will testify that graduates are becoming common that almost everybody is one literally ,so they are seen as commoners with little pay that can only help them live hand to mouth and no other things.

The similarity in the picture with different reactions is that, the small boy knowing his few bottles can not sustain him for long decided not to celebrate but to rest and continue which means that the small boy is following the idea that you don’t need to jubilate when you have not achieve enough to sustain you and those who are in white-white jubilating also think there is a need for rejoicing In the sense that, they believe that, even though you have not achieve enough but you should appreciate and rejoice with the little that you have achieved. And all of them are right depends on the angle you look at it, but what amazes me most is the coincidence in the picture, the small boy was absolutely having nothing to do in the picture as far as the graduates are concerned but in one way or the other find himself in the picture. So after going through these pictures on my phone I realized the small boy has featured almost all the pictures and I ask myself why? Trying to figure out why the small boy was in almost all the pictures, even though he was not part of the graduates. That is where I thought of using my pen once again to share this little message across. Anyways congrats to all those who have reached a certain point in life that you think there is a need for jubilating or resting. Much love..……

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