Election is a very sensitive and delegate issue that needs to be carried out with confidence and in a preferred manner between candidates and their supporters . It’s on this note that the aspirants of Nyankpala UDS with the support of some students took a bold step and wrote to the appropriate authorities about their less confidence in the E-voting system. It is on this basis that most of the aspirants are fighting very hard for the elections to changed back to the manual voting as it used to be. As we all know the credibility of the results of any election depends, to a large extent, on the confidence of each voter, that their votes have actually been counted. It is in a local precinct that the confidence of a voter starts after he or she casts his or her ballot. It makes it possible for the voter to believe that his or her franchise is being respected.
The manual voting as these aspirants and students are requesting does not only minimize their doubts in the credibility of the elections, but also to meet the demands of all voters who wish to witness how the ballots are being counted.
Yes! better to have days of delays in manual tabulation and canvassing than the speedy and easy E-voting with less confidence in it. It’s a no “brainer” slow but sure is infinitely better than the fast and fraudulent E-votting . All the anxiety of these students and candidates can be stopped if the ballots are counted one by one in front of pollen agents and the vigilant students as well as making public, all the signed and verified returns for everyone to tabulate and check against the official canvassing. Yes! it’s of no doubt that the E-voting is faster and comfortable but since is about elections and leadership, we need to be confident and reliable in the procedure that almost everyone trust in. It is in the realization of these importance that the election processes plays a very vital role in the confidence of the voters and their candidates as well….. Good luck to all aspirants….

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