I am NOT a violent person and I don’t equally believe in using violence to resolve issues. I always think peace is better at all cost but in the same way I can’t hold myself when I see the rights of some particular groups of persons are denied or they are being treated unfairly for one reason or the other. It is said beautiful by Desmond Tutu; If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. I know for sure no one would like to be called a bad leader or a bad ruler but sometimes circumstances beyond some leaders control make their followers see them as wicked or bad leaders. I always believe that a leader will always be considered as a good leader if he or she is able to communicate well with his or her followers but a leader who doesn’t know how to communicate or is known for hiding information that are of interest to his followers will always be seen as a bad leader even if he is doing more good than bad. If my mentor Al-Ghadafi of Libya was to be alive he will testify to this, I guess. But one thing that always baffles my mind is when people are being treated unfairly or oppressed for a long time, nobody will care about it but once the oppressed can no longer bear it and tries to fight for their rights, others see them as violent people, people who don’t respect, people who don’t use the right channels to voice out their grievances and their unfair treatments and I agree with those who always see them that way for the sake of peace but I always try to ask them ; what at all do you think is the best way for people who have been treated badly for over a long time to use and get results? Please let’s always be fair with others and their rights. If you can not help someone who is being treated unfairly, at least give the person the chance to fight on his own. I am of the view that when you see others are not been treated fairly and you remain silent about it ,you are also part of their unfair treatment. Oppression cost the oppressor too much if the oppressed stand up and protest. Make sure you speak for someone and someday somewhere, someone may also speak on your behalf. “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people” by Martin Luther King Jr. Don’t be silent when others are not been treated fairly otherwise you may be a hypocrite. Suntaa Ibrahim

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