Yesterday some level 100s after reading my article which was talking about people coming out in their numbers to vote despite all the what they have been through in the hands of these so called students leaders, most of them congratulate me though but also lodge their complains to me, about how they have been denied of their souvenirs and for that reason some of them are also of the view that they won’t vote, after listening to these poor level 100s cries, I felt bad and tell myself they have a genuine case because if they are to vote for people who can’t even fight for them to get what’s rightfully theirs then, they are not fit been their leaders and this is pure truth. Today I am taking the challenge on myself, all aspirants, level 100s and any concern student who is a Human Rights Activist to come out and support these vulnerable level 100s to get their souvenirs. We are not in anyway trying to misbehave or go against the rules and regulations of the institution but we are doing a peaceful request for what is rightfully ours, please Mr President this letter is directed to you and we are pleading on you to get us our souvenirs or return our monies to us today, and we are demanding that today and not tomorrow. Nobody should aligned to any student politician because that’s not my business, this write up is just purposely for my dear level 100s to get what is theirs. Level 100s please this about you people come out in your numbers and and let’s peacefully request for our souvenirs. Written by Suntaa Ibrahim….a concern student. Long live UDS Nyankpala campus… Peace is Priority….10:30am……

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