I know I have been unfaithful to you and myself, I also know I was a boy then. I never knew I loved you so much until I lost you. You gave me all the love a lady can give her man. I must confess you were so kind, caring and loving. It hurts you to see me in pain. I always tell myself all ladies are the same because of what I used to hear from my friends about ladies, so I never gave you the chance to explain yourself and I know, I didn’t create a space for you to feel comfortable. I never gave you the time to tell me things that were bothering you, I am sorry I made you so unhappy. I was always objective to my bias theory that ladies are always lying even though you were honest. My fallacy of generalized conclusion on the idea that all ladies are liars led me into losing you. I don’t think I will ever find a lady as truthful as you are.

However, Even though such ladies may still exist but I will never believe their honesty as you. One thing I love most about you is how you never kept to yourself what you know will make me happy. I doubted your love for me throughout our relationship. Hurting you was the usual thing I do every day, sometimes I knew some of the things I did to you were wrong but I was too proud to admit and tell you sorry, I now know your love for me was a real love because some of my actions were enough for you to quit but you never did, you always took the pain and still accept me as the way I am. I really find it difficult to forgive myself for such an arrogant attitude towards you. I am not asking you to come back but who even told me you are thinking of coming back, I pray you get a man who will treat you like a queen descended from heaven and not like a boy I used to be. I have caused you much disgrace and humiliations, anytime you were around me and my friends; I always made them to understand that, it is you who love me.

Please I am certain that you are still the lady I used to know, and for sure you will forgive me for all these things I did to you. I can never pay you back the love you gave me. Now that I lost you, I have realized you were the most important person in my life. In fact I must confess once again, I miss your personality, your caring nature, and your open-minded ness. I wish things could work out between us again. I am sorry that I couldn’t give you the happiness you deserved. I wish I was good enough for you. I wish you all the happiness in the world. You were the best thing to have ever happened to me. I won’t try to get you back even though I have changed my arrogant lifestyle. I LOVE YOU from Suntaa Ibrahim,the village boy as you used to call me……..

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