There are many people today dead or alive that we remember them with something good or bad, any time their names are mentioned. Albert Einstein for instance is remembered for his intelligence, Charles Darwin for his Evolution theory, Adolf Hitler is also remembered for his wickedness, Malik Shabazz as Malcom X, Marcus Garvy, Nelson Mandela, Kwame Nkrumah and the rest are also remembered as freedom fighters. I believe the most important question one can ask himself or herself in life to ensure that at the end, they won’t be regrets is, “How will I be remembered?” when my name is mentioned in public, in terms of how I behaved, acted and responded to issues, and the impact I had on others? Was I kind, caring, loving, supportive, enlivening and empowering?

I certainly hope so, because these are traits I highly value in others, and truly wish to emulate, knowing the answer to this question helps you live every day in a way that will result in what you truly want, rather than in emptiness, pain, and regret. The more we understand ourselves, our lives and the nature of human existence, the better equipped we are to make the right choices, to increase our own happiness, fulfillment and experience of joy and success and that of others. It doesn’t matter what you did for work, what line of employment you were in; it matters how you lived your life and the impact you have on others because that is what people will remember you with, sometimes it doesn’t necessary means you have to die before people will remember you NO! Every now and then people mention your name to others and you are discussed.

Within our human relationship what actually matters and basic is kindness but we mostly over looked it. The impact of kindness is just like a tree that grows and bear fruits for others to eat and germinate it again, and the way in which our interactions affects others. In this life, amongst all our human relationships both intimate and otherwise, what matters beyond all, is that we are kind to one another. Someday someone will recall back to the time you offered them a caring shoulder to lean on; they will recall that you saw the best in them when no one else could find the strength in them. They will recall that instead of acting in anger, you acted in love; they will also recall that you were tender, compassionate and merciful.

They will remember you for your genuine concern about their welfare. They will remember you for your caring. Always put at the back of your mind that no matter how it is, people will definitely remember you, someone will remember you. And they will either remember you for your kindness, your caring, your love, your understanding, your compassion, your mercy or they will remember you for all the bad treatment, cheating, wickedness, hatred, selfishness, and all your misbehaviors towards them. We are not angels and no one is perfect but your imperfections should not be something that you will constantly use in hurting others. Let’s always remember a simple act of kindness can go a long way to help humanity……


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