It is good to love people but it’s very good to love yourself. It is Important to work towards the goodness and welfare of others but it’s more important to work towards your own welfare and goodness first, saving people souls from sins is nice and rewarding but it is more wise to save your soul first. It’s good to pay attention to others around you because most people appreciate attention more than material things, but you need attention for yourself more than anybody around you, so appreciate yourself first. People need advice in this world to make good and correct choices and it’s worth sharing your advice with others but don’t forget, you need those advices more than everybody on this earth. Share with others be it physical or emotional but again don’t neglect yourself because it makes no sense when you are busy clothing others while you are virtually naked. Stop blaming others for your mistakes and downfalls even if they contribute part of it, take charges of your mistakes and advice yourself not to make such mistakes again or not to give yourself to such people that help you such mistakes again. Friends are good anyway, so try as much as possible to get some friends around you to share your issues with, sometimes your problem doesn’t necessarily need a solution but rather just a listener, find that special someone to always share your problems with. Others always say it’s not good to share your problems with others but I say it’s suicidal to keep your problems to yourself without sharing it, just find a listener and you will be alright. Encouraging people and motivating them is very good, its part of help but we mostly neglect it while thinking help to only be of physical, always try to help anybody that comes into contact with you because you never know what tomorrow will bring. You are that one person that can change yourself to make that greater changes the world is expecting, let the society recognize your importance with your lifestyles and not only your words, be of good influence to the society. Remember you can never leave forever but you can make your name known forever. Our goal is not to live forever but to make something that will live on forever. If you need somebody to listen to then search me on all social media handles by just typing the name *Suntaa Ibrahim* ……..

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