Most of us still fail to comprehend how people live, think or analyse issues. People will always interpret matters to favor their interest regardless of it accuracy and often forget all the good times and good things you have done for them just because of a single error. People will always find faults in you even if you are faultless. People will criticise you for doing the right thing as well as the wrong thing but all the same, we all have problems yet we are always concerned about other’s problems. We all are good advisors but we don’t take our own advice, we all have the solution to the problem only when it’s someone’s problem but when we are faced with the same problem we lack the solution. The world is full of people who are living a fake life without even knowing because they grew up with somebody’s lifestyle thinking that is theirs. Nobody loves somebody except ourselves because we only fall in love with people we find part of ourselves in and for that reason that we tend give to people we love and not love the people we give. The sad reality of life is that most of us live to impress others but they have never been impressed and everyone wants a perfect person to marry yet care less about self perfection. We all are busy so we don’t even have patience for our lives. Yes everybody wants to be famous at all cost, we are all competing for something we don’t even know, people have taken leadership roles as do or die affairs. Truly the most fearful thing by man on earth isn’t death but rather failure, and certainly most people don’t succeed because they are motivated by their love for success instead of being motivated by their hatred for failure. Live life in such a way that, the fear of death never stop you from living, Stop being afraid of death for no matter how you fear it, but it will never spare you. Love life and perfect your intentions, love you all……

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