The fact that you have been hurt, doesn’t mean you should also hurt someone. The fact that you have been betrayed doesn’t mean you should also betray somebody. Everybody in one way or the other has either been hurt or betrayed. Stop running away from love or relationships. The fact that your past relationships failed doesn’t mean present ones won’t work. It’s not heroic nor noble to refuse love just because your past relationships didn’t work out. Misunderstandings, quarrels and conflicts will always come no matter how careful, intelligent, wise or experienced we are but these things will definitely come. Literally, they are bound by nature to happen but what makes us humans is the ability to solve these issues and move on with life as before. What we need to understand is that, there are no different human beings, we are all the same as far as we are humans but the reality is that we have different ideas, which makes us act differently to same situations. When we realize it’s best we tolerate peoples and not their ideas because their ideas maybe wrong but they themselves as humans are not wrong. The creator in his own wisdom created us all with the same substance called clay. Always remember it’s good to correct someone when he or she errs but using wrongful ways to correct someone will make him or her hate you even though you were trying to correct his or her mistake. We should also take note that, it’s not everything that we need to correct. Certain things are better left alone for peace to prevail. When we become adults, we will realize that being kind is more important than being justice and sometimes being silence is more important than speaking the truth…

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