My dear beautiful soul, I write to you with pleasure, and it is with pleasure that I inform you, I indeed I am glad and grateful to my creator that you are a part of me. I do hope sincerely, that I am able to devoid myself of all actions and inactions that will be in one way or the other trouble you, my fragile soul. I want you to know that without you, am just a dead body ready to be disposed, without you my relatives and good friends will be afraid of getting closer to me, without you my soul, I will be quickly forgotten of, my family will be burdened by people who never knew how my daily activities went about in my entire life.
Without you my soul, many will be concerned on enjoying what I have worked and earned in my entire life. I want you to know, your presence in me made me who I am, but I do have an important request, a reminder I guess, I am sorry my actions and Inactions has corrupted you over the years which made you seems to have abandoned me, left me alone to do as I please. I admit, you advice me most times, all the time against what I do, I know you are doing your well but am asking for more, as long as you are still in me I want you to know, there shall come a day, where I will have to present you to our lord for assessment, the day any available resource we have achieved will not benefit us, the day everything we did will be presented as if it were a detailed power point presentation, a day you in particular will be brightened by goodness or darkened by evil, dear soul, there are no words to describe this day, but let the remembrance of this day be a sufficient motivation to do more in preventing me from what I do, what I WANT to do, and encourage me to do what I NEED to do.
Remember, the similitude of you and I my beloved soul, is that of a car and its driver, if you drive me well, we will all be safe, but if you drive me otherwise, we may get accident, or we will reach a wrong destination or worst. So my welfare in your absence solely depends on how you are nurturing me now. I want to remind you that your present conduct is my source of nourishment. But Unfortunately you have left me malnourished while you nourish yourself. You have left me totally empty and each day I grow weaker and weaker. You adorn me with all kinds of fashionable clothes whiles I am naked. You feed me on all kinds of delicious and palatable dishes, but you left me hungry. You keep me well perfumed but I stink more than a rotten body. All I ask of you is to be nice to your fellow men, nice and generous to strangers, needy and poor, and finally I want you to have a good relationship with the person I will present you too (God) so that I will be proud the day I will be presenting you to Him. Once again, I remind you to have a good relationship with the creator, treat your fellow men well, attend to the poor and needy, be good to your parents and finally never joke with your prayers, be patient to people who wrong you, be humble, learn from the prince and the shepherd, these are part of noble behaviors, behaviors that can lead us to success and eternal peace.
Yours faithfully.
Troubled Body

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