It often saddens me, when look at our attitude towards moral life today, the issue of morality is under assault, many among the youth no longer care of the moral value of our lives in today’s world. Our today’s world has become a receptacle for all forms of immorality that weren’t of the past. We are now in a world where morality has been overlooked, it appears morality is now left to dogs, pigs, animals. The absence of morality in our world is long gone that morality is no longer found in schools, and other institutions, today’s education has seen morality as something of the past, being moral means is the adjective to words like being uncivilized, being oppressed, instilling discipline means the disciplinarian is does not respect the values of democracy. Immoral behaviors such as, prostitution, fornication and adultery has become the order of the day, issues of criminology have also become a way of life, our education accepts sex education, a way of teaching kids on how to actually have sex without consequences. No doubt you can see the rate at which sex is taking over the society. One can no longer turn on the television with children without finding a program that has sexual elements. Magazines are filled with stories about sex, naked photos and features that would shock our past generations. So I ask myself, are these things really having an effect on the society? Is this act of public engagement in sexual ways actually changing how we act, think or live? What about children? Does the explosion of sex relate material has benefits on the society? After looking at all these immoral acts, our children are always my problem. The task of teaching children proper morals now completely lies in the hands of parents and this responsibility is usually undermine by most parents. Let’s think of all the things that are influencing our children today: Music, games, television, movies and peers, and these mentioned lack proper parental influence and authority. Our Children are supposed to be child-like and innocent throughout their childhood, sexuality shouldn’t have even entered their thinking but yet they are constantly bombarded with images and products that push them to be sexy. Children, as young as five, are beginning to think of themselves as “sexual” beings. They want to be as sexy as those they see on television. Another dangerous tool that has come of age is the Internet which literally has “something for everyone”. This Internet is the ultimate form of information access. But how does we use this Internet, and how sex has dominated this medium, it has provided a lot of platforms for all manner of persons. I in fact always blamed the internet for the spread of homosexuality which is one of the highest immorality in this our generation, homosexuality has gotten roots and attentions in our modern society, and children of the Lesser gods has recently changed it from criminality to a mental disorder, so that it can be celebrated and encouraged, because, Never like before could someone who was “curious” about same sex relationships find a partner to explore that curiosity in such an open and encouraged forum. And not even withstanding that sometimes children are often exposed to some of these immoral acts without their parents’ knowledge. And again one of the most dangerous immoral act that is still not yet an issue in most African countries is the concept of “swinging” where Couples meet other couples and each will then trade partners! (exchanged wives). Imagine the kind of confusion a child would experience if he or she is been exposed to such immorality! Things have turned from the era of morality and modesty that was normal, only a few generations ago. If the world does not wake up and fight against, these wrong acts such as homosexuality, pedophilia and even bestiality, which will quickly become a norm.

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