You are blessed with what very few are blessed with, “A GOOD WIFE”, she is the kind of mother sons and daughters deserve, a decent, morally upright, economically courteous, and yet, your ungratefulness lead you into suggesting that she is local, not modernized, unable to sing, dance, apply plastics on her face, wear clothes but appear naked. The porn stars way of dressing, she is the chaste type I mean. For her not being able to satisfy your ill made desires, you condemn this great gift to loneliness in the house whilst wooing around ladies the age of your children, shame on you. How do you live with yourself knowing, my innocent wife is at home with my legitimate children, perhaps they need my service and yet am here with lady that’s not my legitimate wife, wasting resources that could have otherwise be judiciously used on your family, balance diet, good health care, standard education, I wonder. Beware, your wife is not the problem, you are, you are uncivilized, because you are unable to distinguish between fake and real, shame on you, you cannot differentiate between right and wrong, you are ungrateful, if not how can an honored married man do such acts knowing for certain that you left your family behind. The shameless prostitute treating you like a king today treated someone like a god yesterday and surely, she will treat another man like a god tomorrow. However, it usually end one way, she play you like football, fraud you like no body’s business, beware; one may kill you like an animal since they are capable of given brain pressure, the leading killer factor of men. This artificial ghosts we see as beautiful ladies are actually not ladies that our children will be proud to call their mothers, so do your children favor by acknowledging their mother as a woman and let these so called modern ladies their way. Be grateful to God Almighty for providing you with such a wonderful wife, even you of all people have your own problems, so also accept your wife for who she is, for the sake of peace and the up bringing of your children….

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