Normally what people always think about others living on the street is that they are bad people, they don’t respect, they are thieves and they are drunkards, smokers, drugs dealers, prostitutes or people who in their own negligence found themselves on the streets. May be their judgments in one way or other will be right, because most of these street guys are people who in some way have fallen into one of the above mention vices. So you will realize that much attention is not given to people in the streets except the physical challenged people. But I also put it to those that think of the street people as bad people or gangsters that some of these homeless people living on the street is not as a result of their own negligence but rather some circumstances beyond their control like deaths, sickness, divorce, lost of job, you name it. Some are on the street because they lost their parents during childhood and for them to survive they need to move to the street so that they can earn a living. Others too found themselves on the street because their parents have separated leaving them alone to survive. Also sickness has driven some people to the street, a persistent sickness that they spend all their money in leaving them penniless. Finally, war is another factor that has left others with no option than to go to the street to earn a living. I want those that have this mentality of street people being bad people to know that, there are God fearing and good people on the street that don’t smoke, no drugs, no alcohol, they don’t steal, they don’t fornicate, they are just clean people. Even though these people are living hand to mouth in the street but they still show love and care to themselves or others. These homeless people serve as watch dogs for many stores or houses that would have been preys to armed robbers or “children of smaller gods” as I call them. It’s shameful to know the rising level of people living on the street. It’s also a sad fact knowing the many years that these people living on the streets have been ignored by the government, the rich, and even the whole of humanity. This is because we think people living on the streets don’t matter, they have nothing to offer us. People living on the street are kind, loving and caring, let’s join hands for them to also feel something better because everyone deserves something better. The homeless need our love, kindness and care…. I STAND WITH THE HOMELESS……..

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