In this world we live in, what I do believe is that, everybody in one way or the other needs an advice regardless of your intelligence, knowledge, wisdom or status. Everyone needs an advice, the fact that people seek advises from you doesn’t mean you are perfect or superior over them. The question is, Why do people seek advice? Every person has answers within himself or herself but just that they still need an assurance, or a better way to do things. Definitely, someone out there is always better than you at something, so when others seek advice from you be humble and don’t think you are the best. Kings have advisors and presidents have cabinet but that is not not say without their council a kingdom or country can’t be ruled or governed. Two heads they say are better than one. People generally ask for advises to be certain of themselves. We always have a fear that we might end up doing the wrong thing. We need assurance and certainty. We seek advises from others in order to evaluate on what they would do in similar situations and hence, apply it to our own circumstance. However, one thing we should always put at the back of our minds is that, taking someone’s advice is a choice and not compulsory. It is very good to always seek and listen to others views not necessarily accepting or agreeing to them. Don’t be in a haste to take others advice, because they might not work out with you. Everyone experience and handle things in a unique way to his or her personal situation so based on what you ask, do use your own judgment after considering the advice and go with what internally appeals to you so that when things go wrong you will not blame the people that advised you. Seeking advice is not only asking for someone’s opinion on an issue but perhaps the best way to make friends with elderly and younger persons alike.

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