What does it mean to limit ourselves? When we limit ourselves, we have decided that we can only do the little that is not enough and we have only restricted ourselves to certain abilities. What made us decide this? because of fear or failure, or because we have allowed limits to take control of us. In this world we live in, we usually underestimate the power of our minds, souls, and bodies, often times we doubt our own abilities. But let’s remember the distraction of one’s ability only comes from our accepted ideas from others and not the Creator, because God has never set limits for anybody and there are no obstacles to the Mind that is programmed for success. No wonder we usually find things quite easy once we venture into them.. You don’t know your speed till you’re chased by someone faster than you, you don’t know your worth till you are valued by someone special, you don’t know how strong you are till you are challenged by someone stronger than you. Sometimes we do things and later on ask ourselves whether we are actually the one that does this, yes you are the one and don’t consider it to be a miracle it’s just the extra effort you have added, so you can always do such with extra effort. Often times, we tend to limit ourselves because we are afraid and scared of failure, we avoid and limit our challenges and that creates lost of opportunities for our career, our development and our happiness. forgetting the fact that, what ever is conceived by the mind, what ever has been and can be thought of, is achievable. And let’s note this, it’s from challenges we gain success, motivation and personal growth which creates positive energy for us to do and achieve more. So Let’s not be limited by our minds or some self-imposed beliefs that we might have gotten from peers, friends, relatives, or people we look up to, let’s program our minds to always think positive, so that our souls and bodies will be able to achieve greater heights and also let’s work to become luckier, Dreaming is not adequately enough, let’s start doing and stop dreaming, in that we will start achieving and not planning. Tell yourself today that you can do it…..💪
Abdul-Razak M Nasir-Deen C.
Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim

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