Many people have being through suffering under single parenting especially when they are at their father’s side with their stepmother or when they are victims of house helper. I am sure many reading this message will just reflect the kind of difficulties they went through because of these. I don’t always talk much about women except when it is too much, but mostly women are the perpetrators of these wicked acts towards the victims. There is one thing that most of these women who make others go through these sufferings don’t understand. Your children will find it difficult to succeed with the bad treatment of other children, these women will do everything possible for their children while ignoring the other, but the funny thing is most of these wicked women children don’t usually excel as they wish but on the contrary the victims mostly survive and excel in life. Sometimes I wonder how some women can actually be this heartless, they will treat this house helper as if he or she is not a human being, beatings, starving, washing cloths and fetching water if the place is a rural area, you name it, and as I am writing this message I know many are still going through these sufferings. Please if you are a woman reading this piece and you are a perpetrator stop for the fear of God and for the development of your children, I want to urge men to take notice of your children living under the care of their step-mdom or a house helper living with your wife, this is just the reality because it is happening everywhere. Women, I beg you people to remember that the labour you went through to deliver is the same suffering every woman goes through during child birth, so don’t under estimate or treat any body’s child badly, because any woman is a mother whether having biological children or not. Women, you are the mothers of civilization and for that matter you need to be kind and loving to every child that come to your way.

#Let’s stop Child Abuse

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