My grandfather once told me about how people will do things in time to come. Tamale is one of the towns in Ghana I appreciate for their morals and values in the society because they still instill decency in their homes and the society as well, I could remember witnessing how a lady was warn about her indecent dressing which doesn’t fit the societal values. I respect Tamale for their efforts to instill morals and values in the society, Tamale I hail you people for that, and may you continue to be on that cause, but recently something happened and I find it very difficult to believe that such a thing can actually happened in Tamale, I am sure a quiet number of people have seen a naked man riding a motor bike on the principal street of Tamale, and I wasn’t amazed by the act this man because he has no morals, and he has move from the fold of human beings and join animals for it is animals that walk naked on the street, but what then funny me was the people that has the time for taking video of his act without stopping him, what is the difference between you and the man who decide to ride a motor without clothes and you are his camera man, I don’t see any difference because all of you are the facilitators of the same crime, maybe people will say they don’t care about it and I find that to be sickling because the man is defiling our society and we don’t need to allow him continue that, I blame those who were around and did not stopped him from the act but has time to snap and take videos to circulate, whoever sees the video will actually question the morals of the people who were around when the incident was happening, and I still wonder how can someone ride motor naked on the principal street of Tamale without being instantly stop and disciplined, the man has tarnished the well protected name of Tamale were morals and values are respected, of course immoral acts happen in Tamale but all these happened in secret and not broad daylight but now someone has taken his foolishness to the peak by riding a motor without clothes, which I can’t still believe how such is able to happen in Tamale under broad daylight with men of substance around without catching and disciplining him instant. The fact that his arrest warrant has been issued is not the case but rather stopping the guy from the beginning is the real thing. The rumours reaching me is that it was a bet as to whether he can really ride the motor naked around the principal street of Tamale or not, he is not only the problem but those that took the decision with him are also part and they too should also be call to order by the chief of Tamale, because the incident started from them. Tamale has to be working again, I know the guy will not go Scott free but he should have been afraid to do such, but now he has disrespected the whole Tamale by doing such, the guy has achieved his aim and any punishment giving to him doesn’t matter. Tamale I rest my ✒…….

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3 thoughts on “NAKED RIDER IN TAMALE….

  1. My brother, that’s very good observation. But I am sorry to say that, this issues of morality went out of hand long time ago. Our northern part of Ghana has become a receptacle of all forms of cultures that hitherto were never part of us. Our part of the country is now a place where we have thrown morality to the dogs, where most of young now see prostitution and criminality as a way of life, the young can no longer marry because, marriage has become the most expensive commodity in the area; if you have to do a traditional wedding and the white man’s wedding together you can imagine what you going for, where motorcycle has become a prerequisite of marriage and renting of hotels for such purpose is a common place. Can you imagine we northerners embracing niger tradition in our weddings, just because we watch Nigeria movies. Must we apply niger tradition and other foreign traditions into marriage ceremonies, if you are not a Christian what business do have to christianise your wedding. In imfact our part of Ghana have become so vulnerable, we blindly follow foreign cultures. This among others is what is killing our society, where anything typical of north is now archaic.

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