I am kind of worried and sad about our attitude towards our own people especially *Kumasi Senior High School (KUMACA)* Where eleven students died within the last eight months and we are silence about it, in not long ago, to be exact two weeks four students have died of an unknown disease at the *Kumasi Academy Senior High School,* and I have monitored social media handles to see how many people are actually concerned about these dead students and trust me I have concluded that people don’t actually care about them, but if this was to happen somewhere else you will see us and our leaders using social media handles to send their words of condolence to the decease families but this is something that is happening just within our noses and we careless about it. Indeed we are really hypocrites, our leaders, Mr. President and Ministers what happened to your cars, maybe you people don’t have fuel that you would have used to pass by the school on your visit to the funeral of the late *Queenmother* of Kumasi to give them words of encouragement and condolence to the dead. For the benefit of doubt let’s agree the fuel wasn’t enough for their visit except the funeral, but I am certain that you people have data bundles that you could have used to go on social media to express your grievance and condolence to them like how you people has been doing for other countries because I am a follower of most of you on social media and I continue reading your messages. Maybe to you people these students are not important but remember they are some peoples hope and they thought their children would have been like you in future. But what amazed me most is the whole country attitude towards the death of these students on social media because we have lack love for our own people, *London* and *Paris* attack was too much that we have to change our profile pictures on facebook to show how we feel sorry for them, my boss and role model write, *Manasseh_Azure Awuni* I’m sure if a lunatic had gone to an American senior high school and gunned down five students, you *( Mr President)* would have gone on Facebook and Twitter to show your support. Why are you quiet when your own are dying? I left high school not very long ago, so I still remember the trauma that greeted us for months when one of us died. In their case, they have buried 11 students in eight months. Their school has not been fumigated. What would qualify as a national emergency centre seems to escape the attention of all who matter in our country. Is high time we deal with own people and show them love before we extend our love out side……….

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3 thoughts on “SHAME ON US, KUMASI SHS

  1. Maashaa Allah my brother you have said it all. This is a very serious issue which need to attend to but our so called leaders give a dem ear to it . What am seeing is that, is because they don’t have relatives there

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