Ibn Do Gud, x Obeyed Age-Law, x Isma Damila, x Salifu Fusheini, x Toppie A Suleiman, x Sappor Peter Tekpertey, x Warix Nytifour, x N’pagya Rahi there is a space at the top there that is reserved for you people, and no one can take that place except you people, with prayers and hard work you will eventually get there. I have never stop reading your write-ups. As we are in the age of writing you people are using your writings to make a lot of impact on people and the society as well, maybe the time is not now but definitely it will come to pass, where your writings will be appreciated by the whole world, just don’t worry about the criticisms for there are to make you stronger and wiser, focus and never give up for there is hope. You are role models to others, you people use pens as voice to the voiceless, your writings give us inspirations and motivations, maybe you will not see it now but certainly you people will come to realize it one day. Good writers will never die as long as the ink inside the pen will never finish either, I encourage people to follow these people on all social media handles for a writings you will never stop enjoying. Proff Tuzee Ibraheem in fact you are my role model, I can’t stop reading your writings for they give me hope to live a life for a purpose, thank you for the good work. May the good Lord bless and continue to give you people wisdom to continue with the good work….. BLESSED

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1 thought on “GOOD WRITERS….

  1. Ɗaddy you didn?t say what thе very best factor aboᥙt God is.
    You must pla too.


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