We spent most of our time running after the world and it materials things forgetting that the world is too old. Since the time memorial till now if you want to measure that, you will realized that the world is too old but it continues to polish itself like a young lady. Death you cannot escape it. If you run away from it, it will find you. If you oppose it, it will over power you. If death were to allow some people to stay forever then the greatest men that ever lived would have been spared and you too is not an exception.
However, most of us take tomorrow for granted, we believe tomorrow will always come, forgetting tomorrow may come but you may not be there. Many people yesterday thought they could see today and many today still thinks they will see tomorrow, but the truth is, death can come right now, the next minute or the next hour.
You may be rich, famous or have a high status in this world but to the angle of death, you are just another name in the list. Our death and meeting with God is approaching and we are busy gathering the worldly things.
Why do we throw away diamonds while picking stones? So the same way do not throw away hereafter in return of chasing the worldly things.
How do you expect to get heaven when you do not work for it? So let us live to please the creator not the creation. If God is happy with us what more can we ask for. One day you will be a memory for people and a lesson to others. Do everything to please God and be a Positive memory to others because death is coming after you……..


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