To the fans of #SHATTAWALE AND #WIZKID, the fact that these stars are your role models doesn’t mean whatever they are doing or involved in should also be your matter. In recent times I saw on social media about how SHATTAWALE and WIZKID are on each others neck as whether someone is a star or not and these things are part of their career and it’s normal for them to do but what funnies me most is the fans that take up the issue and turn it to be something that is going out of hand, if we should know what this thing can cause to us( Ghanaians and Nigerians) we will immediately desist from it. Them being our role models doesn’t mean we should not think before acting upon some of the things they do, if the issue is between WIZKID and SHATTAWALE that is just for the Music Industry and not between countries but as far as it is between fans it now an international issue that involve every citizen in Ghana and Nigeria as well, so to my dear people let’s see this their o called beef as part of their music art and not for us to create confusion and others vices that may cause us what we don’t want. Let’s think of the friendship between the two countries and leave these people to continue making their fame as claim, if not what is actually coming will be unbearable to all of us to handle, let’s think deep about this… Thank you my dear Nigerians and Ghanaians…….

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