A society that accepts immoral relationships cause children to stumble into immorality, societal acceptance of same sex relationships gives vulnerable children the impression that same sex relationships are good, moral and healthy. Not only does Religion condemn such behavior, but medical experts have confirmed that these kinds of sexual relationships are unhealthy, acceptance of these unnatural acts sets a society up for gender and sexual confusion, which brings about widespread of immorality, which tears the family down. It is actually very sad to see men becoming animals and agitating for same sex marriage, when I hear people saying, it is not our business I feel sorry because it is coming into the society that we are living and your silence about it will definitely give it way to prosper and our vulnerable children will be part of it. It doesn’t matter of same sex marriage happening but our concern and action towards it is the bigger issue, it very hard to imagine this kind of disgusting and immoral behavior that people has actually found themselves in, I don’t expect people to keep quiet about this same sex issue especially Africans because this the weird thing ever that can happen to us on earth if we accept this gay marriage into our society. An African proverb says ” a frog likes water but not when the water is hot” we love our people but whoever tries to defile our social and moral values should be disregard and cast out as a misfit to our society, we can not accept some few group of people sickness just to jeopardize our whole society, let’s fight same sex marriage till the the whole world hear of us. Let’s also make them know they are not welcome into our society except their confine area.

Same sex marriage is not part of us and we are not going to accept it in any way………..

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