And some people has taken fornication or adultery as their job, that is what they are always thinking about in the night and day that is their work, when they talk,  walk, dress or eat they do so just for the sake of fornication or adultery, their target is to move from one girl to another or one man to the other. And it’s like a race to them for a competition, that is their enjoyment and success, they feel no shame about it because they see nothing wrong with their acts, but remember there are other things that comes with this immoral acts like disease, poverty, disregard and lying but maybe these things will not be able to get you in this life but there is a good news for you and your partners from the Lord, that he has created a blazing fire for you as an enjoyment when you die and come back to him as a fornicator or an adulterer, be wise my brothers and sisters fornication or adultery is not a work is a sickness and you need to do away with it…….

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