We were shocked and saddened yesterday by the usual and normal everyday thing that always happened and will keep on happening “DEATH”. Mr George A., a colleague student of ours who died through a motor accident was not pleasing news to most of us at all, most of us were shocked for his sudden disappearance, but I always believe in something that, whatever happened in this world there’s always a good side of it and others will be wondering what kind of good thing am I driving from Mr George’s death. The good thing about it is that it’s not me nor you in the sense that the good Lord want to use him to remind those of us living like we know what tomorrow holds and also direct us towards our main purpose which is to worship him alone and ascribed partners to him not, those that are in a way close to this late Mr George will testify that he was also having future plans like the ones we are currently having and he may probably read messages like this one you are also reading. So my brothers and sisters bear in mind that maybe today is your lucky day but tomorrow could be your black day, be concerned about the things you do on this earth and never forget death as you go on with your daily life activities…..

As long as we are alive, we shouldn’t stop thinking about Death…As its said in the Holy scriptures, every soul shall taste death… And for sure it isn’t something we can do away with…

May the good Lord have mercy on all gone souls and guide we those who are still living on the straight path……….. 


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