And what kind of man has you become, are you that man who will cause others pains and frustrations or are you that man who is willing to put a smile on others faces. Our greediness level has risen to it peak and our human sympathy has became negative and we even find it difficult to bless others and pray for them, there are more empty rooms in people’s compounds more than the homeless people around. Our lack of humanity has made people homeless and helpless, we are now interested in acquiring wealth that the value of human life is lost in us, the food that you call scanty and trash is someone’s treasure and a life sustaining items and a reason for that person Thanksgiving and praises, no matter how little you think it’s just give it to someone out there to sustain his or life. Everyone deserve to be happy no matter what, everyone out there deserve to be treated with love and respect irrespective of their status, class, ethnic group or religion, you gave your kids quality education, yet you neglect the other kids around your neighborhood even your maid whose parents can not afford the cheapest education, everyone deserves little more, everyone deserve to feel better, you have extra rooms in your compound and a homeless man is sleeping infront your gate and where is your sense of humanity, we are too busy acquiring wealth with the neglect of humanity, it may be true that you worked very hard for your wealth but trust me others has worked more than you and yet there are still poor so be kind, we are all victims not only those who are rich but all of us, how often do we see others at the food joints and didn’t bother helping them, some people will read this piece of mesage and reflect while others will not feel ashamed and pity because there are the true definition of these men who has lost the value of life. This life was not designed to be this way, the actual essence of life has been abuse and men has gradually became hard and very wicked…… Kindness is important……

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