Last three years it was MC Suraj Trasaako Bills pictures that were flowing on the social media with RIP brother and now it is TYAAI KING UTHUBAN whose pictures are also flowing on the same social media with same RIP but different way. These two brothers weren’t people very close though, just that their sudden deaths shock me so much that I often pray for them day and night. The death of these two persons has kept me in fear and sorrow in my heart, as I write this piece of advice, my eyes are full of tears out the fear of death. The thing is, just as it is that their pictures are circulating in the social media, so shall mine or yours, one-day. These two brothers did nothing wrong, it is not because they have offended God in anyway, or was it their families. The truth is, death is our inevitable journey as human beings, and death is a part of us, a stage in our life cycles which surely will always come to pass. Mc Suraj and King were not any different from you and I, the used to live almost the same way we are now, engaging into almost all activities we are in today, perhaps read posts like these as you are doing. However, it doesnt matter anymore, does it? Perhaps, they were better or worse, what matter is that they are gone, and it is not any superstition that cause their deaths, they have been taken by death itself, so when is your time and how are prepared are you? I am sure they did have plans, long and short term plans just as we have today, huh.. Was death really part of their plans? Is death part of our plans? That is obvious I guess.

Bear in mind that death will take you sooner than you will ever expect, I mean sooner, today, tomorrow, next month, next year. The word is, soon. Lets pray for good death and change our sinful life styles and repent to the almighty God for guidance. We should not relax in praying for them and ourselves, sharing their pictures on social media with RIP and a long chain of ameens is not the real issue but rather praying for them to be forgiven is the real issue, we can pray for them in our hearts and prayers without sharing their pictures on social media. MC SURAJ TRASAAKO BILLS and TYAAI KING UTHUBAN will forever be remembered, so will you and I, after we are gone, as for whatever we will be facing, we all have no idea.

We pray that the good Lord have mercy on your souls and grant you peace till the Day of Judgment and grant we the living guidance till we also depart from this world. May ALLAH forgive all departed souls. Ameen….



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