You cannot win a battle with Satan when you under his control, so leave whatever is satanic and don’t go close to it, but some of us think we are strong and we can always do the evil things and still win at the end just because we have a wrong mentality that God will definitely forgive us, that seems so cute but we have to do is to move out of the team of Satan before we whole heartedly ask the good Lord to forgive us. The earlier the better, if you really want goodness follow what the Lord has commanded you to do, but if you neglect it and join Satan to do all the awful things then know you moved away from the kingdom of God to the kingdom of Satan, God can save you and there is no doubt about it but it happens when you totally decide to leave the satanic ways and join what is good and commanded by God, the team of Satan is strong don’t undermine it and enter into it. Give what is due to Satan and give what is due to God. My brothers and sisters lets join the winning team that’s the team of God……..



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