On the 28th of may 2017 a policeman by name Lance Corporal Robert kumi Ackah was shot dead by a police patrol team because they mistook him for an armed robber and on Monday the 29th of may 2017 another soldierman by name Capt. Adam Mahama Maxwell was also killed by some people at Denkyira who claimed they mistook him for an armed robber. Let’s see where did something went wrong about Capt. Maxwell Mahama incident, He and his others soldiers were sent to the area not quite long ago to protect miners from the community people, but according to the community people they were not aware of any soldiers in the community and the DCE of the area said he was not also aware of any military detachment in the area and that those military men including Capt. Mahama were providing security for illegal miners, particularly the Chinese. So I ask on who’s effort were they sent to the area, it is clear that the miners call for security but I wonder why the miners did not pass through the DCE to give them security and let’s all analyze this, so if the people has been attacking these miners and you send somebody to go and protect the miners did you think if they get the person protecting these miners will they spare him or her.

It is here we can get a link from the death of Mahama, it’s either the people genuinely did not know he wasn’t an armed robber or they wanted to kill him because he was protecting the miners. There is a poor communication system in Ghana in the sense that, the government of Ghana made the public to understand that they are fighting against illegal miners because they are destroying our environment but let’s all agree that be it illegal or legal, mining destroys the environment and these villagers think the Chinese are the ones doing the illegal mining because they don’t know the differences between legal and illegal this is because they have seen them destroying the environment and these things are happening because of poor communication. The commoners will not understand why the government will be sacking them while allowing the Chinese people to mines on their lands claiming they have obtained license. But our bigger question is, why did the DCE said he wasn’t aware of any military detachment in the area, meaning there is a miscommunication somewhere because the DCE of the area is suppose to be the person who should have welcome the military men and make the community people aware of them, this clearly shows that there is no bureaucracy in our political system and also the miners should have contacted the DCE for security but because they have powers over people they went straight to where the power lies, I don’t blame people for others misfortunate but I complain when people suffer the negligence of others………






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