If social media is creating problems between you and your spouse leave it and promise never to see it again because your spouse is far more important than this Social media, what most married people don’t realize about social media is that, it’s more easy to use text and say things that you wouldn’t have said face to face. People can chat you anyhow they like because it has no control of itself and the devil is using social media seriously to put away from the normal life, in my opinion I think married couples should leave some of the social media especially wives, because women in general like compliments more than men, so when a woman post a picture that doesn’t even look good but you will probably see a lot of nasty, profane comments and so on just to make you think otherwise. My dear ladies can testify what I am putting across that most guys that comment on your pictures are in one way or the other need something from you. Some of the comments I  sometimes read from married women pictures bore me, because no guy can walk to a married woman and say those type of comments to her facial but we all see  it to be normal for a child to be commenting on woman like his mother pictures profanely. The small advise I have for my beautiful sisters is when you get married please distance yourself from some of the social media for it may help you in your marriage life…….




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