Man always seems to be ungrateful for a little misfortunate or trouble that befalls on him, that is why he forgot all the good things you have been doing for a little mistake you did to him once. In reality the mind have the tendency of remembering the bad things more than good things. But man always seek goodness all the time nobody want to suffer, everybody like to enjoy life, man is always in a hurry to accomplish his goals that is why our so call science developed the idea of creating time saving machines and equipment but in truth time cannot be save, once you move away from the reality of nature to the illusion of the so call science, you are actually moving far from happiness because the things we need most in life are things that cannot be provided by science and technology except nature. LOVE and HAPPINESS are the most two feelings man can not live without and these things can only be found in nature but not science and technology. The madman find happiness and love from his surroundings and a lonely man can also find these things from where he is because the environment will never let you feel lonely it will smile at you even if you are crying. But the unfortunate thing is that man try to find happiness and love from science and technology and when he finds it not he became depressed and when he is depressed he falls sick and finally commit #Suicide but when you ask those who commit suicide they will tell you death wasn’t their target they wanted to end their worries and troubles. If you kill yourself you are giving the chance to others to question the main purpose of life but what these people don’t know is, if death was to be the solution to worries and troubles then everybody will be dead by now because everyone has worries and troubles, but if they still want to die better luck until we meet again. The world is a complex place and further complicated by the little knowledge of man, certain things are there you cannot just get them even if everybody is getting them, and that is how they are meant to be, so just let them be……….




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