DON’T FEEL LONELY suntaaibrahim

You are not alone, in life everybody seems to be searching for something love, happiness, peace and destiny but one may ask how do you search for a destiny, yes that is a good question that requires an answer from religious scriptures we were told that no one knows his or her destiny and if it’s true then look for something attached your life to it till death come and carry you away in peace but we always see life to be short that we tend to lose hope in it but mind you life only become short when you are not living a life for a purpose, when you realize the purpose of life in this world one day alone can be used to make a great change in your life and the world as a whole. To live a life for a purpose is to take any step it must be towards goodness for the benefit of you and the people around you but we still found ourselves feeling lonely when the creator gave us everything that we need in abundance, look at yourself and your surroundings now you will definitely find something natural to give you company the trees waves at you, the air hugs you all the time the birds never stop giving their stories and the ants never stop being busy despite their challenges just to motivate you but we don’t see all this things and still go forward to feel lonely. As for man we are unfair to ourselves and ungrateful to the Lord because we continue to forsake each other all the time, so find happiness within yourself and the environment you are. If you can’t find peace in the world create one for the world and show love for those who have hatred in their hearts. Stay blessed and don’t make life miserable for yourself and others, sixty seconds smiling can change your mood try it………




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