6th of March is a significant date in the life of every Ghanaian. A day we celebrate our hearts out on enjoying freedom (absolute independence) from our colonial masters. Independence day as we affectionately call it, reminds every Ghanaian of our past thus our  history, our leaders and how the struggle for independence took place. This most significant of all is how well this day (6th March) seeks to strengthen us for the future.

6th March, 2017, is no exception. We proudly took to the streets of our motherland to celebrate our freedom from slavery and colonialism on the theme “Mobilising for the future”. A theme that brings hope and assurance in helping build a better and strong nation for all. As a writer, I have decided to critique the celebration of this year’s indepence day. 

The organizers of this year’s celebration have really done a great job by choosing a theme that motivates every citizen to work hand in hand in developing the nation. Despite the numerous benefits the nation could enjoy as a result of this celebration, I would also want us to look the cons of the celebration. Looking around the country, a lot can be said to be missing in almost every community you find yourself. People lack social amenities and facilities to keep them going in their daily lives. With respect to funding of this year’s independence celebration, a total of 20 million Ghana Cedis is spent. I presume you’re already casting your minds on the kind of things this money will be used for against the poor in society who cannot even afford a single meal in a day. No one is to be blamed for the poverty of others but after all we are admonised to be each others keeper as the good books of life (i.e. the Bible and Quran) gives us. 

I would suggest that, the organizers look at celebrating the year in modesty then channelling the greater part of the funding to assist or help the poor and needy in our various societies. A lot like the provision of portable water, schools, laterines and toilets, markets, clinics can be improved in so many communities just to mention but a few to help lift the standards of living to an appreciable level for fellow citizens.

The realities of the day are known to all of us except that people in power or hold leadership positions tend to give dead ears and blinds eyes to the suffering of the ordinary Ghanaian. The celebration of this year’s independence day can directly or indirectly affect the lives of so many Ghanaians in this country. My humble advise and plea is that, leadership should take a critical look at how funds will be disbursed in order to help improve the lives of ordinary Ghanaians.

My thoughts in this literature is not politically motivated but rather an opinion I share on the celebrations of Ghana at 60.

Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim

UDS, Nyankpala Campus

Social Change Communication

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