Some politicians don’t fear God at all,  can you imagine an old lady and an old man including many Ghanaians trusted you as a proud son of Ghana voted you into power to help move the country forward and all you could do is to involve yourself into adultery and the promotion of foreign illegal miners, when those who actually voted you into power don’t even have food to eat, can not pay their wards  school fees, but you don’t care about these commoners who believes in you as a Ghanaian, as a leader and as a man who fear God but you turn all of them down thinking what you are doing will never come out, my brother the good Lord has just started a battle with you if you care to know. But mind you if you know you are part of the that sex scandal about the Chinese girl better come out and confess to the public before it’s thrown into the public eye,  I am just minding our business……


Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim 


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