Death is the only thing everyone believes in, nobody needs any preacher to tell you of its existence because we see and hear people dying every second, every minute, hour and every day. It started from the day mankind step foot on this earth; the amazing thing is that no one has ever experienced it and told people how it is like.
Death, the only thing that’s certain to man but we still don’t work towards it, we know for sure it is certain and we will die but we keep on( averting ourselves from time to time,,)???? hoping that we will not die. WE know that is not true THAT WE CAN ESCAPE DEATH AND YET we still try to believe it because we don’t want to die.

Death has taken beautiful people, knowledgeable people, rich people, religious people, criminals, powerful people and so on and I know you are part of these people, so be certain that death is just by you as you are reading this piece of message, believe it or not it will not give you any invitation so always be ready, it has no respect for age. It is not a friend to anybody neither it is an enemy to anybody and very soon I will die and you die, but I fear death too much that I tend to have hope in living eternal when in fact it is a fallacy, it is just a remind to myself and you because we have survive the past. This write up is some people last reading, keep your head straight and never forget death because it is the destroyer of pleasures the day that you will forget it that is the day it will visit you……….death




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