INSULT Ladies,do you always feel

happy when people see the

wayyou dress and say you look

sexy?”You look sexy” is not a

greeting, it is not a compliment,

it is an insult.They are telling

you, you are good for sex only,

they are telling you you have

something good under your

skirt, but nothing tangible under

your Cap.They are saying you are

a bed professional, bedroom

expert and nothing more.They

are saying your greatest asset is

under your pant, what an insult,

never allow anybody to tell you,

you look sexy again, because

that simply means they are

saying you are boys toy and

guys pleasure tool, sex symbol

and not a great personalty, not

somebody to be respected.They

are simply saying you are closer

to been a prostitute than to

been a Virtuous, quality and

exceptional woman. So always

dress to look prettyand

beautiful, don’t dress to look

sexy.Queens and FIRST LADIES

don’t dress to look Sexy, they

always dress to look beautiful,

adorable and pretty.But BED

LADIES will dress otherwise

because like whores their value

and biggest asset is in

bed.Always remember that good

product are always well covered,

branded and well packed, but

worthless product are always

exposed for all dick and harry to

see, make yourself valuable,

cover up girl, let your daughter

be proud of you in future, stop

been object of Lust and

passion.So when you are

dressing tomorrow morning ask

yourself,am I dressing like a

FIRST LADY or like BED LADY, let

yourdressing answer for you.

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