​An old man once told his grandson:

Oh my son, did you know that Jannah is for free and Hell costs money?

The boy replied: How is that my grandfather

He told him: Hell costs money….

He who gambles pays money

He who drinks alcohol pays money

He who smokes cigarettes pays money

He who listens to music, pays money

On the other hand, Jannah my son is for free…

He who prays does so for free

He who fasts, does so for free

He who asks for forgiveness, does so for free

He who lowers his gaze, also does so for free

Do you want to pay money to enter hell or would you like to enter Jannah for free?

How valuable is the advice of our elders

This message reached you for free, so send it for free and earn lots of good deeds for free…….by Suntaaibrahim…

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